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Aimee: I am the daughter part of LMLD.  Although I claim to be from California, I have actually lived in Utah for about 70 percent of my life. I'm currently living in Orem, Utah with the love of my life and our adorable dog, Aspen. I graduated from BYU in December of 2010 and I now work two part time jobs (20 hours a week each), teaching English to students from dozens of different countries at Nomen Global and as a receptionist at Heritage Residential Treatment Center. In my free time, I love to be outdoors with my husband, fishing, hiking, taking pictures, or playing with our pup. And of course I love to cook. For me this blog started out as a way to catalog and organize the recipes I like, and to share recipes with, and learn recipes from my mother. But this blog is beginning to slowly grow, and I am so happy to share our recipes with YOU!

Ellen:  I am the mother part of LMLD.  I was raised in Shelley, ID, a very little town in southeast Idaho.  I have been married to a most wonderful man for 30 years.  And because of his love of travel we have visited all 50 states, several Canadian provinces and European countries. I was blessed with 2 amazing children, Aimee and Anthony, who married the best mate possible for them and I have the most adorable granddaughter.  I currently work at a photography studio in Fallbrook, CA where we have lived for 9 years.  Although I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education - I do love to teach and have been able to teach early morning seminary for 8 years.  Aimee started this blog and to my delight I was inspired to start to cook beyond the basics and experiment with new recipes.
Craig (Ellen's husband and Aimee's dad), Nate (Aimee's husband), Aimee and Ellen at Aimee's college graduation April 2011.

We'd love to hear your feedback, how our recipes turned out for you, changes you'd make, what kind of recipes you'd like to see, etc. For our contact information, visit us here.

Hope you can enjoy our food as much as we do.

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