Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chicken Taco Salad

It was 11:30 and we had just gotten home from church.  I felt like I was starving, breakfast had been 5 hours ago and it was light, consisting of a vanilla instant breakfast.  I didn't want to just eat junk and wait several hours for dinner so I thought what can I make quickly and also with items that I would probably throw out in a few days if not eaten today. 

Ta Da..... Chicken Taco Salad  (I know this is nothing creative but it was quick and easy and that is what I was looking for)


chicken tenderloins
yellow or white onion
yellow, red or orange pepper
pinto beans
cheddar cheese
sour cream
tortilla chips
chili powder

Amounts depend on the size of your family and how much you like of each item.  I made enough for Craig and I and 1 small leftover salad for Craig's lunch tomorrow.

I used 4 tenderloins - cut bite sized.  1/4 of a pepper - chopped bite size.  1/6 of a large yellow onion chopped bite size.  Add all these to a frying pan and cook until done.  While sauteing sprinkle with the spices to taste.

While chicken, onions and peppers are cooking - tear lettuce into bite size pieces (we used about 1/2 of a romaine lettuce head), chopped tomatoes into bite size pieces (I used 3 small tomatoes), open can of pinto beans and drain, (sometimes I use kidney beans or black beans but I saw the pinto first in the pantry),  peel and cut avocado (1 small to medium avocado was used) and grate cheese (I had about 3/4 cup of grated cheese).

I put each item in their own serving bowl and placed it on the table. Sometimes I used chili cheese Fritos but today was the last handfuls at the bottom of the Costco Kirtland Tortilla Strips.  Yes, they were a little crumbled and broken already but you break them up for your salad anyway.

back row - chicken, onions and peppers
next row - avocado, tomatoes, pinto beans, lettuce
front row - cheese, tortilla chips

Close up of the chicken, onions, peppers and spices
Assembly your salad as you please, topping with salsa and sour cream.  If you have thousand island dressing you might try it as your dressing, it is a different taste but I personally really like it.  We just didn't have any in the house.

Assembled salad, ready to eat
 This meal was prepared from freezer (the chicken needed defrosting) to table in 30 minutes or less. Quick, easy and uses yummy vegetables.

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  1. What are the measurements for the chili powder, cumin, paprika and salt?


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