Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brown Sugar Bacon Burgers

Even back when Nate and I were dating we liked to cook food together. We would usually at least eat a couple meals a week together (I guess cause we wanted to be together as much time as possible) maybe more. One day we were experimenting a little and we discovered these delicious brown sugar bacon burgers. And let me tell you. These may be the best burgers I've ever had in my life. Sometimes I even crave them. And I crave brown sugar bacon, like no other. And they really aren't too hard to make either.

Hamburger Buns (As many buns as you want burgers)
Ground beef (we usually use .5lbs per burger, but they are huge. This time we used 1.5lbs for 4 burgers, which were a little more manageable)
Bacon (2 pieces per burger)
Brown Sugar (maybe 1 TBS per slice of bacon, I never really measure, I just go with what feels right. Don't worry, a lot of it cooks off)
cheddar cheese (optional - we like cheese, but the burger has enough great flavor with out, so might as well save a few cals, right?)
Worcestershire Sauce 
Onion Salt
Seasoning Salt
Garlic Salt
Garlic Powder

1. Make your ground beef into patties. (According to the size you want for your burgers). Note: that the burgers should be a little thick, because they get thinner as they cook, also it keeps them from drying out.
2. Season both sides of your burgers with Worcestershire, onion salt, seasoning salt, garlic salt, garlic powder to taste. (Nate is the one who does this part, he doesn't ever measure how much he puts on, he just sprinkles a bit)
3. Cook your burgers however you like (We cook ours on our mini charcoal grill, cause charcoal gives the best flavor IMO)
4. Meanwhile cook bacon in saute pan at medium low heat.
5. Cook bacon for about 1 minute on side then flip over.
6. Put about 1/2 TBS of brown sugar on each piece of bacon (Spread to cover the bacon)
7. Cook for a couple minutes on that side then flip.
8. Put another 1/2 TBS brown sugar on each piece.
9. Cook bacon until almost crispy (I ONLY like crispy bacon, but the brown sugar hardens up when it cools a little, so its perfect)
10. Burgers should cook for a few minutes on each side (Don't flatten the burgers while you're cooking, this only pushes the juices out). Burgers should be cooked to around 160 degrees.
11. The last 1 to 2 minutes of cooking the burgers is when you would add cheese.
12. Assemble burger. Take one half of your bun, top with burger. Top burger with bacon. Top bacon with lettuce or other vegetables of your choice. Put sauce of your choice on top bun piece. Close.
13. Enjoy.

As I wrote this recipe I wanted to eat one of these burgers right now.

Nate likes his burgers with fry sauce on top, I like mine with ketchup. Either way these burgers taste amazing. PLEASE make these. If you don't want to change up the routine of your traditional burgers to much then just add the brown sugar bacon. Its to die for. I seriously think I could eat some everyday and be happy (But I guess most people could do that with just any bacon). I promise this is better. Just try it. You'll thank me later.

What is your favorite burger?

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