Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Make the Perfect Dip Eggs

Ever since I was a little girl, I have looked up to my older brother.

When I was young I wanted to be just like him. I learned to develop a love for some of the toys he loved. I played with Ninja Turtles and GI-Joes just like he did, (although to his dismay, sometimes the GI-Joes would act as husbands to my Barbie Dolls.) When I was 3 (or so) I was a Ninja Turtle for Halloween, because that is what Anthony was going as. And as we got a little older, to his annoyance I would follow him and his friends around, trying to get them to play with me too.

I think he also influenced me greatly on my love of certain foods, and my disdain for others. Like I mentioned here, I was never a huge fan of tomatoes when I'm little. I still can't eat them in a sandwich or salad or anything. And neither was Anthony. In fact, I remember hearing a story that he told me tomatoes were gross, so I shouldn't eat them. And well, I don't know if I ever did actually try them when I was younger, or just knew they were "yucky" because my brother said so.

I've also grown up loving ketchup on my scrambled eggs and on mac and cheese. Is that normal? I know my dad likes to eat these foods this way as well. But I'm sure if my awesome older brother hadn't liked it I wouldn't have either.

And lastly, my favorite way to eat eggs is actually what I grew up with, calling them "dip eggs" You cook your egg over easy, and you toast some bread, lightly butter the toast, lightly salt your eggs. And crack that thin skin on the egg with your fork. And dip. Dip your toast in the gooey yoke as you eat the toast, one bite at a time.

And until recently I never knew where this tradition had come from. But this last month as a gift for our paternal grandfather's 80th birthday the family wrote memories. We wrote a favorite memory to be put in a book for him to read, and reminisce. And it made me reminisce too. But also, I learned that my brother learned to eat his eggs "dip" style because of Grandpa. What a cool memory! I'm so glad that Anthony learned to eat his eggs from Grandpa this way, because Grandpa was cool and of course my brother wanted to be like him. And I'm so glad I wanted to be like my brother and learned to eat my eggs this way as well.

I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful family. And so many wonderful people that I can look up to.

And now, after this wonderful trip down memory lane. I would like to present to you: How to make the perfect dip eggs (aka: eggs over easy -- but no runny whites please!)

1. Spray a nonstick pan with Pam (better safe than sorry).
2. Preheat pan to a medium low heat.
3. Crack egg in pan (one at a time if you are doing multiple, try to keep them separate).
4. Once the white of the egg set, carefully flip egg over using a spatula (if you are doing multiple and the whites have joined, separate them with a knife or with your spatula before flipping).
5. Cook egg for another minute on this side.
6. Remove egg from pan and place on plate.
7. Crack egg yolk open with a fork and salt to your hearts desire.
8. Enjoy with a piece of warm buttered toast.

** The key to getting your egg to flip without a mess is using a nonstick pan, using nonstick spray, and flipping the eggs over one at a time.

Good luck!

What is your favorite way to have eggs? 

Have you learned to love or hate any food items because of someone you looked up to?

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